The typical outdoor environment would be a low power producing generator running a few electronics. For example, during a campout running a projector, gaming system, and possibly a cooking device. Compared to the demand of a full residential system generator, an outdoor portable generator should be cheaper, and compact.

The cheaper the generator the more expensive the fuel source like Gas,  the louder the noise level, a decreased cooling potential, and reduced lifetime operability before service is required.

Fuel & Noise

For an outdoor use generator we would suggest a propane generator. That is primarily for two reasons.

  1. Propanes shelf life is much longer than diesel and gasoline. You can store it and forget it until your outdoor excursions.
  2. Propane is much quieter. If you are camping and using a gasoline generator, the noise is not easily ignored when running from behind a tree. We love using a propane generator with an extension cord to watch movies in the outdoors.

Make sure you also use a power strip to protect devices just in case of unforeseen issues occur, like rain or lightening.

Good, Better, & Best Outdoor Generators